Milk Magazine (EN) Nr. 67

Milk Magazine (EN) Nr. 67

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Im Milk Magazin dreht sich alles um moderne Familien. Ob Fashion-Strecken mit coolen Kids oder das Neueste für die Einrichtung – es ist die perfekte Inspirationsquelle für alle Lebenslagen.

In this issue:


ON THE COVER: Amanda Booth, mother of Micah, 5 years old, child with autism and Down’s syndrome

SOCIETY : The exhibition of disability, a sign of better integration of difference?
ETHICS : Cam Cam, responsible and sustainable design
EDUCATION: Why read learn to live?
SOCIETY : Screens, towards virtual autism?

FASHION : Amanda Booth by Landon McMahon + Etat de grâce par Mélanie Rodriguez + Folie douce by Denis Boulze + Seconde main by Mark Shearwood + Vivre livre by Oliver Fritze
LIFESTYLE : In Boston at Anna Wallack creator of Misha & Puff
INSIDE : Dutch eccentricity at Wendy Plomp in Eindhoven
FOOD : The iodized and common sense recipes of Hugo Roellinger
ESCAPE: The Catskills, favorite destination of New Yorkers
CULTURE : Children’s literature treasures

Herkunft: Frankreich, Sprache: Englisch, Seiten: 192, erscheint 4 x jährlich